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Did you know that a quarter of the energy consumed by Arizona homes is used for cooling? Many Phoenix-area homeowners are often surprised to discover that houses of a similar size consume far less energy than their own, especially on heating and cooling.

Energy Audits with Infrared Diagnostics

While many people think that infrared cameras are only used by firefighters and people from outer space, reality is that infrared building diagnostics can be an incredibly helpful piece of the home improvement process. When homeowners want to investigate building envelope issues, infrared diagnostics are a useful tool.

When your home is evaluated by an infrared camera, you are given valuable information in regards to the effectiveness of your home's insulation. An infrared scanner reveals hidden air leaks and areas where insulation isn't performing, and can also yield some interesting surprises, like large voids or gaps in your wall or ceiling insulation. Having your home evaluated by an infrared camera is a valuable part of any good home energy audit, and a step that we guarantee to take with thoroughness and precision. Our experience tells us that it can also be a fun part of the energy audit for homeowners!

Diagnose Home Comfort Issues

Do you have uneven temperatures in your home? Is your second floor much warmer than the first or can you feel drafts in some areas of the house? Are there uncomfortably warm rooms, causing you to crank up your cooling system to compensate? If so, our infrared diagnostics can highlight the cause and therefore energy-saving opportunities using thermography.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • ** NOTE: I did a decent amount of research on AC units and other aspects of HVAC systems prior to calling companies for quotes. I definitely don't know or understand it all, but I definitely learned enough to be dangerous (a.k.a.

  • We had an excellent experience with Ideal Energy. Alex and his team are very professional, timely, and did a fantastic job improving our home's energy efficiency. Also, their prices were very reasonable and competitive. Can't believe how hard the AC blows now.

  • We were very happy with the price and service. Our summer electric bill has been $300.00 to $400.00 dollars cheaper. We recommend these folks and have to family members.

  • This is, by far, the best company I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I have worked with enough not-so-good companies and bad companies to know this one is definitely a keeper. I have never worked with a company that worked so hard for me.

  • These guys came HIGHLY recomended from ___ board members to preform a home energy audit. They were very professional, timely, honest, and nice. Alex and his team did a great job and were a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone looking at a home audit.

  • First off I would like to thank Ideal Energy for all their expert advice and professionalism.

  • My experience with Ideal Energy was exceptional. I would highly recommend any home/condo owner to contact IdealEnergy for a $99 home energy audit and then to follow through with IdealEnergy to conduct repairs.

  • Ideal Energy is AMAZING!!! I had the company come out and bid the work for my AC, duct work, and insulation. They were extremely professional, competitively priced, clean, on time, and did QUALITY work.

  • I highly recommend Ideal Energy if you want to reduce your energy bills and have a more comfortable home. Alex, Elena and their team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. We have definitely had a reduction in our monthly APS bill. Furthermore, they are conscientious and detail-oriented... Read More

  • Here is my latest bill from APS. As you can see, AFTER you guys came & did our house the bill is MUCH lower......Thank you so much!

  • Alex and Elena are remarkable people. They have really helped me determine the best way to save energy. I recommend them to anyone who are serious about getting the most of the energy used in their house!

  • We had Alex and his crew out for an energy audit, we are so glad we decided to call their number. Everything checked out fine, in addition they addressed our problem issue re: a hot room. Made a suggestion and finished the job. It worked! From a very happy customer Thank you!

  • My husband and I used Ideal Energy for the work we had done this July which included the installation of a new AC unit, another air return, duct sealing and repair, as well as insulation and airsealing. We cannot speak highly enough of Alex and his crew.

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