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If you are interested in increased home comfort, lower energy bills, and better indoor air quality, learn how an Energy Audit can help. 


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Energy Audit

Includes the following:

◊ Utility Bill Analysis - to determine your usage patterns and what type of user of energy you are in your home

 Home Comfort Analysis - to find cause of hot and cold rooms

◊ Thermographic Scan (when applicable) - to determine if you have any insulation deficiencies or air leaks that are inaccessible, and to visualize moisture issues in your home

◊ Home Leakage Inspection - to locate common leaks

◊ Visual Duct System Inspection - to estimate how leaky your duct system is, and locate possible disconnects in your duct system

◊ Return Sizing and Filter Evaluation - to determine that the amount of air moving through your duct system is adequate and the pressures in that system are not too high, or too low

◊ Equipment Efficiency Evaluation - to estimate the existing efficiency of your AC system

◊ Window Analysis- to determine if you have any solar heat gain issues that could be addressed through several shading options

◊ Water Heating- to evaluate your water heating system and temperature settings

◊ Insulation and Air Barrier Evaluation- to determine what type of insulation is in your attic, how much insulation is in your attic, but mainly to determine if that insulation is installed properly or not

◊ Room Pressure Analysis - to determine if pressure relief is needed

◊ Combustion Zone Visual Inspection - to identify any major safety and code issues with gas appliances

◊ Pool Efficiency Evaluation- to identify opportunities for you to reduce your pool run time costs

Energy Audit

(For Insulation and Duct Sealing Customers Only!) 

Once the Energy Audit Express has been completed and the scope of work is accepted, the follow tests are performed in order to verify and quantify leakage and efficiency improvements:

 Blower door leakage test

 Duct leakage testing

 Static pressure testing

 Combustion appliance safety testing

This is what qualifies you for SRP and APS rebates to help offset the cost of energy efficiency repairs.

All of the above tests are performed again once construction is complete in order to quantify results.

$500 (and up)
Full Comprehensive

(2500 SF and below)

Everything included in the Energy Audit Express and the Construction Energy Audit, PLUS:

◊ Enthalpy Readings - determines how many BTUs your current AC system is using

 Dryer Vent Inspection

 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

 Lighting Efficiency Evaluation

Blower Door Testing

Ideal Energy, Blower door test, AZ

Find out how much energy your home is wasting via air leaks with blower door testing from Ideal Energy. Learn why blower door testing is the standard method to test how airtight your home is, and how we use the tests to recommend upgrades that will save you money and keep you comfortable.

Infrared Diagnostics

Ideal Energy, Thermal image in attic, AZ

Identify where and how your home is wasting energy with infrared diagnostic testing, part of Ideal Energy's home energy audit. Learn why our technicians use infrared cameras when conducting energy audits to uncover inefficiencies that drive up heating and cooling costs.