Trane Fall Promotion 2018 Rebates Discounts Incentives for New HVAC Equipment
October 9, 2018

Purchase any qualifying HVAC System and choose between two ways to save money on new Trane AC equipment:

  1. Special 0% financing for 60 months
  2. Cash rebate up to $1000 dollars

Trane Fall Promotion 2018 Rebates Discounts Incentives for New HVAC Equipment

A few rules to note:

  1. A system must include a qualifying outdoor unit, indoor unit and a Trane Nexia Control
  2. You must choose one or the other. For example, you cannot receive the cash rebate, AND the 0% special financing offer.
  3. Only certain systems qualify (see chart below for details)

Cash Rebate Terms and Process:

  1. You, the homeowner, must file the cash rebate yourself (Ideal Energy is not allowed to file the rebate for you)
  2. You can choose to mail in the rebate or you can file it online yourself by clicking here
  3. You must have your invoice present when filing the rebate
  4. You can choose to receive either a virtual voucher or a physical Visa card in the mail.
  5. The rebate must be used within 6 months and you can not use it at gas stations or at ATMs

The Trane Fall AC Promotion Ends December 15th, 2018

Take advantage of the seasonal promotion and save money off a new heating and cooling system! Don't wait until the hot summer months and your system fails and you need to do an emergency replacement - plan, design and install a system with peace of mind knowing you received the best install at the best price!

Click here to apply for the 0% for 60 month financing! 

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Qualifying equipment for eligible system combinations for Trane Fall Promotion 2018