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Meet Your Ideal Team

Alex Williams - Co-Founder

Alex is co-owner of Ideal Energy, and has a passion for residential home construction and design, but more importantly, energy efficiency. He holds a BA from ASU in Design Studies with an emphasis on the Built Environment, and started his career fresh out of college installing solar photovoltaic panels and building new home construction in the Valley. Alex takes pride in the work that the Ideal Crews do, and oversees all aspects of the construction process.

Elena Chrimat - Co-Founder

Elena is co-owner of Ideal Energy and oversees all operations of the company. She has a passion for helping people lower their energy usage for the betterment of the environment, but also their pocket books. Lower bills mean a happy homeowner, and less of an impact on our environment. Elena holds a BA from ASU in Design Management.


Chris Martinez - Project Manager

Chris has been a valuable part of Ideal Energy since 2012. He is responsible for supervising and executing our common services which include, but are not limited to: air sealing, duct sealing and repairs, light replacement, fan replacement, insulation and ensuring customer satisfaction by communication. Prior to joining Ideal Energy, Chris worked as a roofer for 3 years. His reliability, strong work ethic, and problem solving skills ensure that our construction jobs are completed to the highest quality of standards. He is also earning a 3.8 GPA continuing his education for a brighter future.

Why We Do What We Do

We started this company because we wanted to do something that had a positive impact on people's lives and the environment. After noticing that one house would use two or three times more energy than that of another house the same exact size, we realized that the amount of energy people were using wasn't always a homeowner's fault, but it was rather the fault of the actual construction of the home. Quickly, we recognized that a building works as a system, and if one component is thrown off, the entire building doesn't function as it's supposed to, causing high bills, uneven temperatures in the home, and poor indoor air quality- all which make an uncomfortable space to live in. We take pride in being able to solve these issues.

At Ideal Energy we understand that there are many misconceptions about what “green” improvements and  products are, and what cost effective solutions are available to help you reach your goals. Our certified building analysts will evaluate your home as a system, using industry proven building performance equipment and testing methods. This approach allows us to develop an accurate picture of your home’s performance, which in turn permits us to provide ultimate retrofit solutions. 

In addition to being your best choice for all Phoenix-area jobs (we are also members of the Electric League of Arizona, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, Energize Phoenix, and the Arizona Heat Pump Council), we are easy, personable, and straight forward. We don't play games, and we get the job done right.