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August 2015 bill: $320. August 2016 bill: $154.


** NOTE: I did a decent amount of research on AC units and other aspects of HVAC systems prior to calling companies for quotes. I definitely don't know or understand it all, but I definitely learned enough to be dangerous (a.k.a. a real annoyance for anyone who doesn't have the patience and/or lacks the ability to explain the answers to my questions). I fully realize I am not an easy customer, which should say a lot for Ideal Energy in meeting (and exceeding) all of my expectations. ***

My wife and I wanted to look into the possibility of a new AC unit for our home. Ours was old, inefficient and was installed poorly, to say the least. We contacted 3 different companies for recommendations and quotes - 1 "big box" store and 2 local companies (both of which can perform SRP energy audits). All of the companies that came out provided free, in-home evaluations with quotes.

I was not impressed with the company working with the "big box" store. They did some quick measurements of the house and came to the conclusion that the best solution was to replace my existing units for identically sized units. When I questioned why their load calculations didn't mesh with the size of the units they were recommending, the technician responded with "...I've been in the business a long time, and I just know.". IMO, you should be very wary when someone takes the time to measure your home, input those values into a software program which calculates heating/cooling loads (and ultimately feeds into how much cooling your home needs) and then ignores the software output to say they know best.

The two local companies that came out were both very professional and knowledgable. We chose to move forward with Ideal Energy based on our overall level of comfort with their total solution. To note, they were the only company of the three that could perform all the work we wanted completed (attic insulation, air-sealing and a new HVAC unit) without having to use sub-contractors. Price, of course, is another factor to compare, but Ideal Energy had the best price of the three when comparing apples to apples (like identical HVAC units, etc.). Their recommendation was to remove my existing units (one 5-ton and one 3-ton) and replace them both with a single 5-ton unit, insisting my current setup was over-sized for my home.  It is now almost September and I can say that it has had no problem keeping the house cool through the hot summer months of July and August.

Alex and his team did a great job on communicating their recommendations and answering all of my questions (and, trust me, I had plenty). On our install day, there were no surprises. All the employees were courteous and cleaned up after themselves. After the initial installation, they have been back a few times to make adjustments based on my feedback at no charge to me. Alex always seems legitimately interested in my feedback and I've never felt like they would not do what they promise.

** When I logged into SRP's website this month and looked at where my monthly electric bill stands compared to nearby homes with the same square footage and a pool, it shows my electric bill is 57% less than the AVERAGE electric bill. 

August 2015 bill: $320. 
August 2016 bill: $154.

Happy customer!