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One of My Favorite Contractors!


This is, by far, the best company I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I have worked with enough not-so-good companies and bad companies to know this one is definitely a keeper.  I have never worked with a company that worked so hard for me.

I contacted Arizona Public Service (APS) for a referral to a company to perform an energy audit of my home to make sure that I worked with a company that qualifies for the APS residential rebate.

APS referred me to three BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.)  certified companies.  After meeting with these companies, I chose Ideal Energy LLC.  

During the energy audit, it was obvious to me that Ideal Energy is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and thorough energy audit.  After spending 2+ hours auditing my home, they entered their data and provided me with a 9-page report, a 16-page report with pictures of the necessary repairs, information about their company, and a quality assurance letter from the AZ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR inviting me to have them inspect the work Ideal Energy performed after the job was completed.  Who does that?  Who invites you to have a third party inspect their work?  It definitely made me more confident I had made the right choice. 

In addition to having work done in the attic, I also removed my rooftop HVAC and replaced it with a split system air conditioner.  They spent an unprecedented amount of time researching my project to find the most comprehensive and tailored resolution to address all of my issues. Ideal Energy was creative and understanding and took the time I needed to weigh all of my options.  They worked very hard to understand my objectives and then created a plan to meet them.  They treated me with respect and unfailing patience during my many changes and questions.  

During work on the project, they were extremely attentive to detail and showed a relentless determination to release a quality product on time.  

A concrete pad had to be removed for the power line to run from the unit to the wall of the house.  Alex found the concrete mason, cut the concrete pad up himself and hauled it away, kept the concrete mason on time to finish the project and worked right alongside of him in 108 degree weather so that the work was completed on the day that he promised.  All wallboard, spackle and paint that was necessary as a result of installing a new air intake was completed by Ideal Energy.  No more having to hunt down several other contractors to finish the project.  Ideal Energy did it all.  

Not only did I save money with Ideal Energy, their commitment and expertise improved the quality of life in my home, which I will be eternally grateful for.  They enormous effort on my part has created a long-lasting professional relationship

If I were to write a performance appraisal on Ideal Energy, it would have to read as follows:

Skilled, attentive, excellent record keeping, demonstrated creative problem solving.  Is open and receptive to feedback and/or ideas and shows a willingness and ability to deal effectively with change.  Maintains necessary credentialing and knowledge to stay on top of professional requirements. Respectful leader who inspires confidence and shows appreciation for his team.  Recognizes the needs of others.  Excels in effective communication skills, attentive listener.  Can be depended on to follow through and exceed expectations.

My experience with Ideal Energy was always friendly and professional. Ideal Energy allowed me plenty of personal options without compromising the integrity of the overall product. I was very happy with the results.

What a relief to finally find a company that actually deals with the customer with the highest ethical standards.  It is apparent that they recognize the importance of not only achieving financial success but also of maintaining a strong commitment to integrity, fairness, expertise, and unparalleled service.  Their specialized expertise, service, and ethical business practice has resulted in an endorsement from Salt River Project (SRP).

I just love this company.  By balancing the efficiencies of new technologies with the personal touch of highly-trained and motivated professionals, they delivered solutions and services that exceeded my expectations. They have definitely earned my loyalty.