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First off I would like to thank Ideal Energy for all their expert advice and professionalism. 

Alex came out to visit with us and did the audit on our house which was built in 1978. It's a block style home and getting older so it's not very efficient. Alex spent a good 2 to 2.5hrs doing the audit. During the audit I asked if I could follow him around to see what they were doing and ask questions and he strongly advised I do that. He certainly educated me along the way about several questions I had. He explained what upducts are which I had no clue as there are 4 of them installed through out my house. Here for the past few years I would open all the windows in our home when we ran our swamp cooler. It was annoying having to always open/close the windows and it would also let a lot of dust in the house plus it's a security risk where a burglar could easily open the window and come in our house. Alex explained the upduct and how it works and no longer do we have to open our windows when running our evap cooler.

After the audit was done Alex crunched some numbers and came back out to visit with us going over the results. He had several options for us, breaking down several quotes from all the work to be completed and others being just the major/most cost affective. We opted to do 3 of the 4 recommendations. They were to seal all the duct work in our attic and all the registers in our house. Add more insulation in the attic to move us from an R22 to R38 value and lastly to get rid of our money hungry 1hp pool pump and install a variable speed pump. Once we signed the contract Alex and his crew came back out to complete the agreed work.
It took them 2 half days to finish the work as it June when they were doing the work and very hot outside. The crew was very professional, knocked on doors when needing to enter the house. Cleaned up very well after themselves etc. They allowed me to ask all the questions I wanted and they even pointed a few things out that were changed. I felt confident they were doing a great job. 

Once the work was completed they ran another blower test on our house to verify the results. Everything came back PERFECT. Our house is much much more efficient and comfortable to be in. We had several hot spots in our home including the master bedroom which was always a good 5-7 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. The new/additional insulation really made a huge impact with how our home feels on the inside. The duct work sealing also made a huge difference. Sitting on the couch in our living room I could never feel the air conditioner blow on me through the vent. Now I can easily feel it and i'm sometimes in search of a blanket even though its July right now. Alex explained how leaky our ducts were, he said if we were to imagine a 17" hole in our duct work, thats how big of a hole we had if you add up all the leaks we had. AS you can see by fixing the leaks, we now have a much larger volume of cold air coming into the house instead of our attic. In return this will and should save us significant amounts of money. I know for a fact the comfort of being in our home has changed a lot. It always felt hot in here and never the temp our thermostat showed. now it feels perfect and we enjoy being in the house.

I highly recommend Alex and Ideal Energy if you are considering getting an energy audit done and wanting to make your home more efficient. They returned phone calls and emails promptly during pre-sales, construction and post sales.