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Exceptional Experience


My experience with Ideal Energy was exceptional.

I would highly recommend any home/condo owner to contact IdealEnergy for a $99 home energy audit and then to follow through with IdealEnergy to conduct repairs.  Here my story:

My home was initially evaluated by a 'certified' contractor for the APS/SRP home energy program and rebates. 
The resulting data/report/estimate that was presented to me was confusing, and the proposal for repairs and service was limited in detail and difficult to understand...even though I consider myself an intelligent consumer, especially as it relates to energy conservation and being 'green-aware.'
As I did not have 100% confidence in my initial contractor - I contacted Foundation for Senior Living (the group that oversees the SRP & APS rebate program) and asked for three other 'certified' contractors.

I asked each contractor to review the existing data collected, inspect my home, and submit a bid for repair. Based on the three new bids and again interviewing each contractor, I learned there are big differences between contractors' knowledge of A/C, air handling, insulation and what it takes to repair and maximize efficiency under a roof. 

IdealEnergy provided the most thorough assessment of A/C and air-handling efficiency and then identified and explained in simple terms the best way to maximize efficiency and minimize A/C cooling loss. 

Their proposal included pictures of MY home (not another person's home/attic) and explained how each repair would contribute toward efficiency- energy wise. 
Further - Alex - was easy to reach when I called to ask any question...I ask a lot of questions - I called Alex at least 3 times after getting the IdealEnergy proposal and each time he was patient and answered questions thoroughly.

I even price-checked Alex's estimate with another contractor friend - IdealEnergy's pricing was in range. I asked Alex for a discount as I had a referral in my back pocket....Alex did not waiver - he stated that he gives his best price the first time and that his margin is slim, mostly because he pays his crew a good wage on account of the difficult work they perform. Seriously after 3 minutes in any attic during summer months in Phoenix (crew members spent 2 hours at a time in the attic)- they deserve a just wage.

After all this research and knowing that my home desperately needed efficiency attic/duct work, I chose IdealEnergy. 
FYI, my home is 1990s build - part of a larger community of 1,2,3 bedroom units. Back then, the builder installed the SAME split unit (handler/coil) into each unit...of course the builder skimped on the A/C and air handler quality ...the duct work was pretty shoddy too...needless to say - nearly every unit in my development could benefit from IdealEnergy's assessment.

In my case, the most important lesson, was understanding the air handler needs to 'breathe' and, as is often the case in older buildings, the A/C air return is too small or impeded (by small grill), or both. Thus, there is the need to open more return vent space for A/C air return is needed (plus they have the test numbers to prove it).  
If , for example, you neglect increasing the A/C air return - you will find that despite resealing all duct work to keep out 'attic air' it will cause the air handler work harder and will ultimately create additional/more leaks in the duct system - and you're back to an inefficient unit in no time.

Prior to having the work completed - I met each of the crew members who worked on my home...they were attentive to my concerns as they prepared to come into my home.  They clearly stated the work they would perform and why....everything matched up with the proposal. 

The work took 2-full days (6 am - 2 pm) and was a bit messy, but the crew did their best to partition off the area where they worked and cleaned up before they left each day. 

It has been 2 weeks since about  1/2 of attic insulation was removed, duct & A/C handling repairs were performed, another energy audit showed the duct work is delivering cool air (and not attic air) and new cellulose blown in over the top of duct repairs and ceiling.

During the past week (115, 113, 112 and expected 110+), the weather has really tested the improvements of my A/C system. The temperature in my home is balanced - there are areas that remain cooler than others - but there is not the extreme change in temperature as was the case before IdealEnergy did their work. 
Overall - I am very satisfied with IdealEnergy and would highly recommend Alex and his crew to address energy efficiency within your home or business. 
Final FYI - I am a social worker - I do not make a lot of $$ - and I rely on others' recommendation for goods and services...and I will be a personal reference for anyone who needs more information about Ideal - simply ask Alex for my contact info.  

The only problem I have with Alex is that he is ASU alum....GO WILDCATS!!