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A Significant Drop in Energy Bills!


" Ideal Energy is AMAZING!!! I had the company come out and bid the work for my AC, duct work, and insulation. They were extremely professional, competitively priced, clean, on time, and did QUALITY work. I wish I could post pics to show my SRP scorecards and the quality of the work, but I'll summarize. In July 2012, before installation of the new AC (Trane) and duct work, my home had a scorecard rating of 10 (least efficient), and in August I had dropped to a 4 (in 1 month), and now consistently receive scores of 2-3. My home is 2 stories and approximately 2000 sq ft w/ no pool. My bills in 2012 went from $380 (July) to $215 (August) to $190 (September), and in 2011 my bills were $395 (July) to $470 (August) to $505 (September). The owners of Ideal Energy LLC also took their time to research all of the government/energy credits and assisted me in making the process simple to receive my credits/refunds. Wouldn't choose another company in the valley! Cheers! "