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Proper Air Flow

In Arizona, it is very common to see incorrect duct sizing of duct systems in residential homes, particularly return ductwork. Over 50% of the home's we test have a restricted return duct, too small of a return duct, too small of a return grille, the wrong type of filter, or the wrong type of filter grille. It is important that there are no restrictions so your system can breathe.

We can compare this to trying to drink a soda out of a small red coffee straw. If you can imagine doing this, chances are, it will take a lot of effort to drink that soda and you won't be getting much liquid in your mouth. The same goes for a return duct. If it is too small, the system essentially suffocates and works extremely hard to pull the proper amount of air it needs through the system. This all has an extreme negative impact in the way the system works, and actually has a direct correlation with making your home uncomfortable, and raising your bills. 

Our auditors are specially trained to calculate proper air flow and duct sizing for your heating and cooling system. It's important that any person working on your duct or HVAC system is an expert in this field and makes the appropriate recommendations. 

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