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SRP Rate Increase to 3.3% through April 2016

SRP Approves Rate Increase to 3.3% through April 2016 - Then Rate Jumps to 3.9% 

Unlike APSSRP is not governed by the Arizona Corporation Commission. As a municipal utility, they are governed by a Board of Directors that make decisions to any proposed rate change.

SRP Just Increased their Duct Sealing Rebate to $400 Per AC Duct System!

As of October 1st, 2014 the duct sealing rebate per AC duct system changed to $400 for SRP customers!

Up until October 1st, the duct sealing rebates were only $175 per system, which means that they are offering an additional $225 per duct system with the changes!

If your ductwork is leaking, air that you pay for is blown into your attic and not to the inside of your home. Duct sealing benefits include:

  • lower energy bills
  • reduced dust
  • better indoor air quality
  • a more comfortable environment to live in - with even temperatures throughout your home!

For more information on the additional incentives offered though SRP, please contact us at (490) 839-0082

Insulation Over Garage

Should I Insulate my Arizona Garage to Help Keep my Home Cool?

This is a common question we are asked, and the answer is always surprising to our homeowners. The simple answer is, "no". Why, you ask? Because for our hot, arid, climate it just doesn't make sense. We have actually found that if insulation has been added to the attic space of an unconditioned garage, the only thing it will do is hold heat in, making your garage hotter!

The Theme for World Environment Day 2013: Reduce Your Foodprint

We typically focus on tips and updates about the home performance industry, but decided we should share the news about today being World Environment Day. Every year for World Environment Day, there is a different theme focused on. This year, the theme is about reducing our carbon FOODprint with a Think.Eat.Save campaign. The goal here is to bring awareness about how much food is wasted and thrown away.

Why are certain rooms in my house hotter than others in the summer?

Hot room culprits

Unfortunately, this is a question that we get asked much too frequently, and we can always solve the problem. Homeowners usually blame the heat gain in certain rooms on their windows. While windows can be a contributing factor, they only contribute to hot rooms if they are directly sun struck with no shading (like trees, shade screens, film or awnings). More often than not, we discover that the cause of a hot room, is not directly related to needing to replace a window, but rather, missing insulation, improperly configured ductwork and duct sizing, and duct leakage.

Video: Allstate Insurance Now Promoting Home Performance?

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Is Allstate now promoting Home Performance? 

Well, not exactly, but this TV ad nonetheless demonstrates the importance of water heater safety and regularly checking your home's combustion equipment:

During our home energy audit, your water heater's pressure relief valve is always inspected to ensure your water heater stays put and doesn't go flying through your roof!

Keep Cool with and AC Checkup for Just $65.95 for SRP Customers

Ideal Energy: 16-Point AC Checkup for $65.95 for SRP Customers

Through the SRP Certified Contractor Program, SRP is offering a 16 point HVAC checkup for just $65.95 for each unit. This offer is only available until April 30th. Call Ideal Energy at (480) 839-0082 today to receive your 16 point AC checkup!

To qualify, your HVAC contractor must be on SRP's Certified Contractor list. The 16 point inspection includes the following:

  1. Checking the thermostat operation

  2. Cleaning and/or replacing the filter (if customer supplies this)

Changes to Air Sealing and Shade Screen Rebates for APS and SRP Service Territory

Attention all homeowners!

APS and SRP will be making modifications to the APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates available to customers starting March 1st, 2013.

The following energy efficiency recommendations installed after March 1st, 2013 will be subject to the following changes:

Air Sealing:

Air sealing will only qualify for the $250 rebate if the leakage is greater than or equal to 16 ACH50. Basically, air sealing will only qualify on homes with a leakage of 2 CFM50  per one square foot of living space.

Why Do My Vents Blow Cold Air When My Heat is On?

This time of year, especially when it gets cold outside in the evenings, we get many calls from homeowners concerned that there is cold air blowing out of the duct registers in their home when their heat is running. We wanted to address this, as many times homeowners think this is an issue with their heating and cooling system, but if they have a heat pump, it's actually typically a very normal process.

Don't know if you have a heat pump? Check out this article, on how to tell if your unit is a heat pump or air conditioner.

How to Protect Yourself from Volatile Energy Prices.

According to recent information from the Consumer Price Index, energy prices are the most volatile of any category across the country. This chart displays just how incredibly volatile they are, compared to other commodities:

As you may know, home energy efficiency improvements are one of the best ways to protect yourself from the volatility of energy prices. Simple upgrades such as insulating your attic, sealing your ducts, and air sealing areas such as the crawlspace and attic can have a tremendous impact on your home's energy consumption (and your utility bills).

For more information, give us a call.