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Renewable Energy or Home Performance?

How about both!

We are all for solar PV, solar thermal, and other renewable energy sources for your home! The only thing we recommend is to be careful of putting a bandaid on the issue. For example, if your energy bills are too high, there is likely a reason. More often than not, we find that the building itself is the culprit. So why not make your building more efficient first, and then start adding renewables. After all, the greatest amount of energy saved is the energy that was never needed to be used in the first place!

Many homeowners who decide to go solar will actually not see much offset due to the fact that their energy bills are sky high. A good solar installer will let you know that and be honest and upfront with you. That's where we come in and figure out why your energy usage is so high in the first place! Once your home is efficient you can then see the offset as every homeowner should expect to see when going solar!  

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