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Insulation Contracting

Blowing fiberglass insulationInsulation plays a major role in determining the comfort and energy performance of a home, however, many of today's homes (even new homes) are poorly or insufficiently insulated.

A home that is mostly insulated only to have a few spots that are barely covered can have a significant impact on keeping the desired temperature range. It's not worth doing a job that is 80 percent good if the neglected 20 percent is the most important 20 percent, right? Poor installation and inefficient placement of only 5% of insulation can cut an attic's overall R-value in HALF! Yes, you read that right- half!

This is precisely why having a knowledgeable, experienced insulation contractor is imperative if you want a quality, well-functioning home with even temperatures throughout. Ideal Energy conducts all insulation installations in-house to ensure that this critical building component is up to our rigorous standards.

Investing in insulation and air barrier repair is one of the most effective ways you can lower your utility bills, make your home more comfortable and healthy, and reduce your impact on the environment. Typically, your attic and ducts are out of sight; don’t let them be out of mind. People tend to jump into investing in new windows, or a new washer and dryer, which are all great steps but can be costly and have a minimal return on investment. 

Ideal Energy's insulation services include: 



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