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HVAC Installation


Bottom line, it's important you have someone that knows what they are doing and isn't looking to sell you something you don't need based on a higher cost. The majority of HVAC contractors out there will say they do a load calculation, but rarely do they recommend a different size unit for fear of installing a unit that is too small. A bigger unit has a more expensive up front cost, and it also costs more to operate since it has larger components. At Ideal Energy, we KNOW insulation, and we know how a building works as a system, so therefore we can precisely calculate the size of your AC unit with confidence! We model your home accurately in the ACCA software, which is an important step many contractors fail at.


SEER is the efficiency rating of an AC unit, and it stands for "seasonal energy efficiency ratio". Every unit has this rating, and it is determined in a controlled laboratory setting installed to the highest quality of standards. Once installed in your home, many different factors determine at what SEER your unit will perform at. The following factors will affect the efficiency of your cooling system:

  1. Airflow- Undersized return ductwork can restrict airflow, which reduces the efficiency (SEER) of your AC unit by 20%

  2. Size- Oversized systems will increase energy bills, decrease comfort, reduce equipment lifespan, and will reduce the efficiency (SEER) of your AC unit by 25%

  3. Duct Leakage- Leaky ductwork will make your system work much harder than it needs to, and will reduce the efficiency (SEER) by 15%

  4. Incorrect Refrigerant Charge- If your refrigerant levels are not correct it can negatively impact its ability to cool your home effective, and reduce its efficiency (SEER) by 25%

Did you know that over 75% of the efficiency of an HVAC system is based off of how it is installed?

That's why we, at Ideal Energy take special care when installing HVAC systems. When installing HVAC systems, we first ensure the proper size, specifications, and a secure environment. We will ensure that your home and belongings will be unharmed, and that your system is properly tested before left alone. You deserve a good, quality system that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your home. With our experience and state-of-the-art equipment and processes, we can guarantee you that.

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