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Green Remodeling

Green Remodeling is the combination of energy efficiency, conservation of water and air, reusable products, and modern technology. While you must always give to get, green remodeling enables people to feel better about their environmental impact while ensuring that they receive increased peace of mind and utilize advanced technologies, which will in turn reduce costs and mitigate financial impact. And, with green remodeling becoming more and more prevalent (by 2016, 34% of remodelers will expect to do the majority of their practices in a "green" manner), it is the perfect time to become involved.

As contractors, we have a deep understanding of the efficiency components of remodeling. We take air quality, energy conservation, safe products, and reduced waste very seriously, and will always try to go about projects in the most efficient, low-impact manner possible. According to the NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), 85 to 90 percent of materials that are thrown out during construction can be recycled. Imagine if everyone saved an additional 85 to 90 percent of supplies. What would our environmental impact be then? (Find out more about green remodeling from NARI.)

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