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Ideal Energy offers a range of services aimed at improving your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and health & safety.

At Ideal Energy, we believe in testing, never guessing. Using a calibrated blower door, pressure pan, duct blaster, and thermograph scanner, it is easy for us to find air leaks in the home's envelope and duct system. Learn more about how we conduct these tests and what they mean:

Home Performance 101

home performance materials sealants The term, "Home Performance" is a relatively new term that addresses a home as a whole. Basically, a Home Performance Contractor looks at all aspects of a home that could be contributing to uncomfortable rooms, and high energy bills, and comes up with a detailed soluation on how to address the issues.

What Are Room Pressure Imbalances?

Exterior foam insulationRoom pressure imbalances are one of the most important aspects of Home Performance, as room pressure imbalances contribute significantly to reduced indoor air quality. It is important that a home's ariflow is well balanced to ensure your system is working at its full efficiency, but to also ensure that your home is a dust-free space to live in!

What Are High Flow Return Grilles?

bar type grille High flow return grilles allow a heating and cooling system to breathe much more easily, and help lower your energy bills by reducing the amount of pressure put on the duct system. This should be addressed in every Home Performance work scope.

Why Does Constistency Matter With Insulation?

insulation blow Studies have shown that just a 5% defect in an attic's insulation consistency, reduces the overall R-value of the attic by 50%. Yes, HALF! This means that uneven insulation, and gaps or voids in your insulation contribute greatly to uncomfortable rooms and sky high energy bills.

Myth: A Home Can Be Too Tight

air sealing In our climate, the main reason air sealing is necessary is to help the insulation in your attic perform at its full R-value. If you have large gaps or holes, the insulation will not be touching a continuous surface (like drywall). Our philosophy is seal right, ventilate tight!

How Efficient is Your AC Unit?

Window The efficiency of your AC unit depends greatly on the quality installation of that unit. Our AC Install Crew ensures the highest quality of installation so you save the most money off of your energy bill!

Home Energy Yardstick.

Energy Star Logo The Home Energy Yardstick allows you to compare your home's energy usage to other similar homes accross the Nation. Find out where you stand in terms of energy efficiency!






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