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Duct Sealing

Leaky DuctworkDuct sealant

Almost every heating and cooling system needs ductwork to carry the conditioned air to your home. Ductwork is typically either made of flexible tubing or made of sheet metal. In Arizona, more often than not, a home's duct system is located in the attic space where temperatures reach up to 140 degress in the summer. If there are leaks in your supply ducts, 10%-30% of conditioned air is potentially leaking into either your attic, walls, or in between your floors. This means that for one, your home is not receiving the adequate amount of cooling; making you set your thermostat to a lower temperature, which uses more energy, and in the long run- costs more money. This can also contribute to certain rooms in your home being hotter or cooler than others. 

Ideal Energy tests and inspects your entire duct system for any areas that are underperforming, that could be causing comfort issues in your home. Some common issues that we see during the duct leakage and inspection include:

disconnected duct

kinked duct
Ductwork that was never connected when the home was built contributing to hot rooms

Ductwork that was never installed properly from the initial HVAC contractor


duct disconnect

duct leakage

Ductwork that had previously been improperly sealed with duct tape and a bungee cord Ductwork that was never sealed when the home was built, allowing conditioned air to cool the attic

Another thing to keep in mind is that when your return is leaky and drawing air in from your attic, it is also drawing dust, debris, and any harmful particles from the attic through your ducts and into your home, compromising your indoor air quality, and contributing to excessive dust in your home. For more information on duct sealing check out ENERGY STAR's Duct Sealing Brochure.

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