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Cellulose Insulation

The Most Cost Effective Insulation with a Great R-Value!

And the most environmentally friendly!

At Ideal Energy we use United Fibers cellulose insulation, which is manufactured here, locally in Chandler, Arizona. Cellulose is not only a preferred insulation material for energy efficient and  high performance buildings, but it is also a sustainable insulation material (made from over 80% recycled content). It is also treated with borate (a fire retardant) that gives it the highest class fire safety rating, making it one of the safest materials in your home actually! Through production, installation, and over its life as an insulation material, cellulose is an environmentally friendly insulation material. (Meaning that you can feel good about your environmental impact while enjoying a more comfortable home and lower energy bills!)Cellulose Insulation Coverage ChartThe advantages to installing cellulose is it has a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass insulation, making it more cost effective to install. This essentially means you will need less material, which costs less money.

At Ideal Energy, we offer cellulose insulation installation for homes and businesses, with an emphasis on quality installation for maximum energy performance. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your insulation upgrade today!